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Are you ready for the future?

Go anywhere easily, quickly and hassle-free with Reliable Ride.

The online motorcycle, tricycle and car taxi service in Nigeria.

Why Reliable Ride?

Your brand new Reliable Ride ordering experience is now faster and easier than ever. We can help you find a reliable driver in just two clicks! You’ll see the Driver’s pircture and vehicle details and most importantly, you can track their joruney to your pick-up location on the map.

Safety & Comfort

Our drivers will always ensure that you feel safe and comfortable whilst travelling with Reliable Ride; during and after every trip.

That’s why we continue to develop technology that helps make rides safer every day.

Ease of Payment

With Reliable Ride, there’s no need to worry about having the right change or not having enough cash. With our app, you can add your card for super easy and secure payments

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